Frequently Asked Questions – Curtains

1) How many curtains will I need?

Any Curtain top treatment is designed to give a generous cover on to the window. Take the hardware width that is fixed on the window and divide it by 18”. The whole no is usually the no of panels required. For ex. If the width of the window is 82”, 82/18=4.55 = 4 panels will be required. If the number after the decimal is more than 7 you will need to add an additional panel.

2) Does the rod pocket require less fabric?

Yes. But use this when the curtains are moved minimally. Usually rod pocket curtains don’t slide easily on the rod

3) How do I decide the top treatment of the curtains?

The rod pocket is the simplest so choose that if the curtains are not moved often. The American pleats have a more formal look. These can be used with a channel that slides these curtains easily or on rings that slide them with ease on a rod. A more trendy style is Eyelets. These are easy to use and impart a great fall to the curtain.

4) Will I need to install the hardware before ordering the curtains?

Yes. The hardware will fine-tune the size of the curtain. For ex If the window is 7ft and the rod is installed 6” above the window the total height of the curtain will be 90” which will be a door curtain.

5) How will I know if I need double or single curtains?

The function of the curtain will guide you through this. If you like the light quality and want to tone it down during the glary afternoon use a single layer that could be translucent like a brocade or a linen gauze. If you need complete privacy and a nice light quality you could use two layers. When required either of the curtains can be used.

6) Do I need to line the curtains?

Lining a curtain is done if you want another color to enhance a translucent fabric or then protect the lighter colors from fading. Our curtains can be used without lining unless you have very strong light to combat.

7) Can I ask for a lining on the selected curtain?


8) Can I order custom curtains?

Yes. Please write to info@ or message/ Whatsapp 9822004224