Home decor for inspiring interior design.
Calyz is a company that makes interior design enjoyable with its furnishings line. Curate the most beautiful collections(stories) that will hone your unique expression.

Your stylish layouts with Color, furniture and functions will have the vital comfort and protection with our textiles.
All fabrics are natural, sustainable and durable. While we have machine made sturdy curtain and bedding fabrics, handcrafted decorative pillows, cushions and kitchen textiles are available in a diverse range.

The details of these products are best seen in the proprietary technique of fabric mosaic. They are delightful and unique. Home decoration discussions will be rewarding with Calyz textiles. Come explore this wonderful world!

Vineeta Jadhavrao is a textile designer. She graduated from the National Institute of Design and has been developing textiles for a variety of home furnishings, Apparel and Art Textiles.

For several years Vineeta has been using various textile techniques to make art textiles from tree sculptures to wall art murals for Commissioned works. In 2024 Vineeta Jadhavrao, the founder of Calyz, was granted a patent for the Collaged Fabric Technique. 

“It is exciting to see how fabric translates expression…”
Vineeta Jadhavrao: 
The Calyz Studio