Calyz Green Stole with Collage Technique


Our green linen stole is a symbol of nature’s beauty and skilled craftsmanship. The beautiful green hue evokes feelings of freshness and vitality, making it a flamboyant accessory for any outfit. Its gauzy and breathable fabric ensure comfort in all seasons, while its versatility allows for creative styling. Whether draped casually or elegantly knotted, a green linen stole adds a touch of natural charm and elegance to your look, making it a timeless addition to your closet.

Size: 72 X 12″


Our handcrafted green linen stole embodies the beauty of nature and artisanal craftsmanship. Each stole is carefully made by skilled artisans, showcasing intricate details like our handcrafted collage fabric work that reflect a deep connection to the earth, showcasing a gradation of various hues of colors. The lush green tone of the linen evokes feelings of freshness, growth, and renewal, making it a symbolic and vibrant accessory. The lightweight and breathable fabric ensure comfort, while its versatility allows for various styling options, from casual draping to elegant knots. Our handcrafted green linen stole not only adds a touch of natural beauty but also celebrates the artistry and tradition of handmade textiles.











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72 x 12"


100% Linen


Collaged fabric




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